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We define and implement social media marketing strategies that work for your brand. With our services, your business will grow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and many other prominent social media platforms with our creative, customized strategies built by social media specialists.

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We provide bespoke social media marketing strategies

When used with specialist techniques, social media can be a profound marketing resource for companies and brands, helping them achieve their objectives and reach the next level of success. Every business should leverage social media platforms to the maximum to help their business to grow and succeed in the long run. Chetaru offers specialist social media marketing services to a range of businesses, including small, medium and large-sized, excluding no type of business out there.

Our expert social media team knows the ins and outs of social media platforms and boast the skills required to effectively convey brand messages.

With creative storytelling, engaging content is created to attract your audience in an artful way. We recognize that every business is different, and as such their social media strategies should be unique too. Keeping this in mind, we assist businesses to build and implement a custom social media strategy according to their unique needs and goals.

If you want to embrace social media marketing for your business because you’re not getting the results you need, Chetaru is here to help. We offer exciting, bespoke campaigns that offer the best advice, support, and end-to-end solutions to make your social media marketing a success.

Why do you need social media marketing?

There are millions of active social media users across the globe, making social media platforms a perfect place to promote business and boost services and product sales. The team at Chetaru are specialists in this area of marketing and can help your business to connect, grow, and evolve just as we do. Social media can be powerful for your brand’s marketing, here’s how:

social media build brand awareness.

Build brand awareness

Imagine a platform in which you can use free of charge to promote your brands to billions. We’re talking about social media channels. With so many different types of social media platforms out there, finding one that works for your audience is key. Through using ads, organic posts, and many other ways to promote your brand on social media, we allow your brand to connect with your audience, building strong relationships with new and current followers, which can eventually turn them into your customers.

social media attracts new customers

Increase customer loyalty

As one of the most important goals of every business, achieving customer loyalty should be a priority at the top of your business goals. Many customers consider social media channels as not only a place to see up to date content about products and services but a communication line too. By creating a strong social media presence with the help of Chetaru, your potential customers will be able to find business and connect with you easily. This helps to build and maintain customer loyalty and better improve your business communication with customers.

social media helps to reach potential customers.

Broaden your potential customers with vast reach

Many social media users are your potential customers, thanks to the platforms the opportunity to broaden your reach is vast. While this fact gives hope to every business no matter its size, there is a lot to think about in terms of employing the right social media marketing strategies. The team at Chetaru will create, develop, and implement strategies that reach a large group of users that can be converted to customers. Without a presence on social media, you’re missing out on the opportunity to connect with your target market.

social media increases repeat purchaes.

Encourage repeat purchases

While every purchase matters for business, repeat purchases is where success lies. When you post engaging content that best represents your services and products to social media, you can actively motivate users to purchase from your brand. Further to this, users that engage with the sharing service are helping you promote your business to friends and family. Our social media marketing specialists will create content and post on your behalf to showcase the latest products, offers, sales, and limited-time promotions to encourage and engage customers with real-time results.

social media helps to generate valuable leads

Generate valuable leads

Social media can benefit almost every type of business including B2B companies too. With a strong and consistent social media presence, B2B marketers can generate valuable leads and increase their business overall. If you are in B2B marketing, then you can find more qualified clients through Facebook and other popular platforms with the help of our social media team.

seo helps to boost rankings

Boost SEO rankings

SEO and social media can go hand in hand. With a powerful social media presence your brand can boost its search engine rankings. We ensure that engaging and useful content for your potential customers is shared regularly across social media, communicating your brand to search engines too. By doing so, brand integrity, validity, and consistency all contribute to a strong social media presence for better rankings.

Today, social media presence is considered as an essential factor to increase search engine rankings. By sharing engaging and useful content on social media, you can communicate your brand signal to the search engines that explains your brand integrity, validity, and constancy. The stronger your social media presence, the better ranking you can achieve on search engines.


What social media platforms do you work with?

We work with a range of social media platforms inclusive of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin and more. Businesses can use multiple social media platforms to achieve their business goals.

How soon can I see results for the social media campaign?

Results can be categorized in many different ways. We strive to produce real-time results that are seen early on when a campaign is implemented. You can expect results in terms of increased followers, engagement, and increased conversion, however, we always remind our clients that social media marketing isn’t an instant process. Rather, results are generally seen within several weeks.

How much will a social media marketing campaign cost me?

As with all digital marketing services, the cost is dependent on several factors. From the amount of channels you choose to promote your brand, to the requirements and strategies needed, we will provide a clear quote once we have all the information from you that we need. To get a quote simply fill in our inquiry form with your details, our social media manager will then contact you with a precise quote based on your needs.

Will I get regular updates about the campaign?

Yes, we will keep in touch with you throughout the social media marketing campaign. Our team will provide you with daily updates and provides a complete monthly report that will include activities performed, results, analytics, KPI metrics and other essential information. This will allow you full transparency and control over how campaigns are impacting your business.

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